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After sections of site visits and interviews with staff,

we collected information of their work habits and

derived design details specifically to their needs

to promote they work efficiency and comfort.

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Upon client's request, we put bold & vibrant colours

into use to manifest a young and vital image.

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Good design is hand in hand with quality and finishing.

Every seam and stitch was calculated

to prolong lifespan of garments.


3D modelling technique was applied

for pattern making so that

construction of each garment

complies with human anatomy.

Different materials were placed

to specific areas within the garment

to enhance comfort and mobility.

EMSD - 1

Project Scope: Uniform Rebranding: Design, Sampling, Material Sourcing, Production

User : technicians Trainees (Population 200+)

Uniform is much more than just daywear. Staff or workers dress in it whenever at work and it directly affects their work performance. Uniform is meant to be user- friendly at all times.

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