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Our Process

To ensure a reliable, efficient and versatile solution to be delivered, we go through a process flow as below :

Sharing initial ideas & decide the scope of project

It's completely up to you what way to go:

a total redesign or amendments on existing design

We identify problems with existing design

& provide preliminary design directions

We undergo an all round review on your existing uniform & identify issues

regarding design, material, garment finishing quality & sizing

From there we suggest what to refine for improvements

A professional design portfolio

will be submitted to you for approval.

Design illustrations, production drawings (CAD), material boards, size specs, production cost estimation will be provided

We develop prototypes upon your approval after revisions on the designs

Fittings will be conducted to see if amendments

have to be made

Bulk production will be started once

the sample is approved

We provide full support after sales

We are standing by to answer your questions regarding garment handling & washing

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