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EMSD - 2

Project Scope: Rebranding -  Design, Sampling, Material Sourcing, Production

User : technicians Trainees (Population 1200+)

Given that clients's nature of work was related to electric & mechanic engeering, we bring safety standards into focus.

emsd work 2.jpg

Our client was a big corporate

and staff were divided into various departments.

A well balance for a unified image

yet distinguishable nature of work

was taken into consideration.

We aim to provide clients with

the most thoughtful service.

With that in mind we prepare

serval design options for selection.

EMSD - 2 - 1.jpg

An enhancement on total mage

was of high importance -

a professional yet sharp looking was

what we try to achieve through our designs.


Fabrics were pre- washed &pre- shrink before assembly

to ensure colour fastness & prevent garment shrinkage.

DSC02957 details拷貝.jpg

Size and placement of pockets might seems trivial

but to us they directly affect wearers' work efficiency.

Multi- compartment pockets are utilised & designed for typical tools they use at work.

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